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About that Scale.....

Stop Worrying About the Scale!

Seriously!..... Why Worry?

You have no idea how many people worry so much about the scale.

Surveys show that about half of American women are unhappy with their looks, and up to 80 percent don't like looking in the mirror. Do you know what I think about this? If you don't like what you see in the mirror, CHANGE IT!

But understand that changing it will take some time and it's very important that you enjoy the process. 

All that body anxiety can have real effects on our health, including eating disorders and depression. Plus, feeling fat can actually make you fat.


Let's focus on strong, not skinny.

Health is about more than weight. It's about feeling good, being able to do things you'd like to do, and being confident in who you are. Let's reconnect with ourselves and banish body anxiety. Here, a few tips to feel strong and fit:

* Eat Right. That's right!... Protein, veggies, whole grains and fruits. Don't be afraid of healthy fats like olive oil, but stay clear of empty calories.

* Move your body. We were designed to move, and most of us don't move enough. Do your cardio homework. 

*Get Enough Rest. Make sure you get enough sleep to keep you going through your day. Most adults need 7 to 9 hours to function their best.

* Work on Strength. Strength Training builds stronger bones. Lifting weights builds muscle, which burns more calories, creating a healthier balance in your body. Remember, Intensity is the key. 

* Create a Healthy Home. A healthy environment builds success. 


While working on the positives, like eating right and getting enough sleep, it's also important to watch out for doubts and anxieties that can derail your efforts.

* Don't worry about what size you are.

* Don't give in to excuses.

* Don't set impossible goals.

* Don't be hard on yourself.

* Don't give up.

* Don't hide.

I will leave this Bible verse with you, Matthew 6:31 states, “WHY WORRY? Why worry about what you are going to eat, what you're going to drink, what you are going to wear?” Instead seek first His kingdom. Focus on how you can serve and glorify God in all that you do.  If you do that, you will not have to worry.  You will be given the strength, purpose, and discernment that takes care of anything you might have to worry about.

My friends, you are in control of what you put on your plate. Stop worrying and start taking action. #Mindset #StrongMind

Karina Cross- Master TrainerACSM ALPOFI ASFA IHP TRX Owner Forever Fit Studio

Foodie Friday is this August 2nd With Christin!!

This Friday Christin is going to share a no-fail recipe for grilled or broiled flank steak along with some great facts on the benefits of incorporating flank steak into your weekly meal plans.  Be sure to check in on Facebook this Friday at noon.  And be sure to invite your friends to like Karina Cross at Forever Fit on Facebook so they can benefit from encouragement, recipes, and workouts.

Or Click Forever Fit Website 

My Dear Humans, 

One thing I love about my personal training studio is having the opportunity of getting to know each and everyone of you. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with two longtime clients about events and/or activities they’re passionate about, events they want to share with the Karina Cross at Forever Fit community. I LOVE these kinds of conversations because devoted clients want to share something they see value in and want to bring it to other members of our facility. We truly are a family here, and I’m grateful for that. Check out the events I’m talking about below, and as always my door is always OPEN!

#1 We are celebrating our Birthday on September. We'll be 2 years!!...Can you believe it? Many things had change since we opened in 2017. And more positive changes are coming to our Fit-Home.....Stay tuned #2. Celebrating on October the 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Contest. Can't wait to see you all spooky this year. 

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