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Goals and Dreams!

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Every Sunday without fail, I spend about 20-30 minutes preparing for the upcoming week by writing up my "V.A.M.P.'s" stands for: Victorias, AHA, Metas, Perdidas.... In English is “W.L.A.G.’s.” WLAG’s stands for…

W= WINS from the past week.

L= LOSSES from that past week.

A= AHA moments from the past week.

G=GOALS for this upcoming week. This includes the 5 things I MUST accomplish if I want to create a winning week.

My WLAG’s force me to pause, reflect, and write on the previous week.

My WLAG’s also allow me to frame-up the upcoming week and be very specific of how/where I want to spend my time.

This includes what projects I need to focus on, what I need to get done at Forever Fit Studio, in my NSCA Mastermind Group, or with IPF (International Powerlifting Federation)  events.

My WLAG’s also allow me to plan my “personal care” routine and set specific goals with my nutrition, my workouts, recovery, personal growth, etc.

For example, my personal goal this week was to get in 5 workouts, 1-facial-massage, and read 20 pages a day in a book I’m reading now (“Manifest Your Destiny—The 9 Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything You Want” by Dr. Wayne Dyer). By tomorrow, I will have accomplished all of these goals!

Bottom line is this…if you want to be successful, set daily and weekly goals.

Plan your priorities and set your schedule up for success.

Take ACTION and EXECUTE your plan.

And have the discipline to stay uber-focused and free from distractions.

I encourage you to do your WLAG’s this weekend. And watch how your week improves in productivity!

Create a great weekend. Do your WLAG’s, dream big, and always work your butt off.

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