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Heart to Heart in February

      February Is American Heart Month               

“A man who has his health has a thousand dreams. But a man who has no health, has only one.”  Here at Karina Cross Fitness, I am determined not just to improve your fitness… but to improve your LIFE. And as the quote suggests, an infinitely possible life starts with your health. As we transition further into 2020, I want to focus this February on the health of your HEART. Here are a few tips to get you started— ALL of which, are great for your heart: #1 Get your Heart Right Your heart responds to EFFORT… and effort needs FUEL!  Fuel your body with the proper nutrients to support both your fitness goals and the health of your heart! Here are some great options to add to your daily menu: 1. Leafy Green Vegetables are amazing for your heart. Vegetables like Spinach, Kale, and Collard Greens are well-known for their wealth of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Such as Vitamin K, which helps protect your arteries and promote proper  blood clotting! 2. Almonds are healthy source of unsaturated fat (the GOOD fat). Not only is this type of f at good for your heart, It actually BOOSTS serotonin (the chemical in your body that  makes you happy), which allows you to sleep better at night. 3. Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are jam-packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants protect against stress by decreasing inflammation  in the body that contributes to heart disease! 4. Avocados are also an excellent source of heart-healthy fats, which contribute to reducing levels of cholesterol- lowering risk of heart disease. 5. Fish like Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, and Tuna are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids  which have been studied extensively for their heart-health benefits. It was found that  eating fish over the long term was linked to lower levels of total cholesterol, fat in the  blood, blood sugar, and blood pressure. #2 Get Your Mind Right What are you reading? Who are you hanging out with? What are you listening to? When it comes to getting your mind right, ALL of these things are important. If what you are feeding your MIND does not have the ingredients of LOVE, MOTIVATION, SUCCESS, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, or just flat out POSITIVITY… you are not giving it the nutrients it needs to function at it’s best. And if we are not actively feeding ourselves these things… we are most likely consuming fear, negativity, and complacency instead. In order to have a heart that is motivated to take action and be our BEST, we must start by feeding it with great thoughts. Do this through books, podcasts, and GREAT community. #3 Get your Body Right If your heart is the engine, your body is the Ferrari! What is your fitness routine like right now? Are you working with a personal trainer? Me? Great!  Try Pilates too. Doing Pilates? Awesome! Are you getting outside for a hike, running/walking, or hitting the pavement with your bike? “Winning” your health and fitness often means getting into a state of PLAY! When you mix up your routine, you keep your mind engaged, your spirit soaring, and your heart happy. Trust me, your body will thank you! Are you investing in your RECOVERY? Recovery is the very reason we are able to perform at our highest capacity.  Stretching, foam roll at the end of your workout would be great. What about getting a massage?

#4 Valentines Day One of my FAVORITE ways to make a heart healthy… is by making someone ELSE’S heart happy! Don’t forget that Personal Training Gift Certificates are ALWAYS available and sure to put a smile on someone face. Stop by the front desk or call 309-202-5375 for more information! Thanks, Karina Cross – Master Trainer ACSM ALPOFI ASFA IHP TRX Owner Karina Cross Fitness Co-Founder/Owner Forever Fit LLC

Who else was numb last week when they heard the news of Kobe Bryant and his daughter dying in a helicopter crash? Absolutely horrific. I’m still in shock. How sad that Kobe, his daughter Gianna, and 7 others are now gone. Forever.

When hearing the news, it’s one of those moments you will never forget WHERE you were at and WHAT you were doing when you heard the news.

Some of those historical moments forever imprinted in my brain are…

  • When Len Bias died in 1986.

  • When Princess Diana died in a car wreck in 1997. 

  • 9-11-2001Now Kobe’s death (January 26, 2020).

Crazy. Horrific. Sad. Tragic. 

I loved that Kobe was a great basketball player. One of the best of all time.

But Kobe was also a Dad of 4 kids.

He was a husband.

He had an insatiable winning spirit & mentality that personified all he did.

It’s interesting that we all know how fragile life is. But when something like this happens, the poignancy is so sharp. It just proves that we can’t take a single day for granted. Ever. #beaBetterHuman 

Create a great week. Whatever is on tap, be sure to hug your loved ones a little closer this week and to say “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, and “Yes dear”, way more often.

Much love…and a lot of gratitude.


2020 has gotten off to a strong start! Because of 2019's amazing success and the relentless drive the Karina Cross Fit Family has to be healthy and disciplined, we have decided to add equipment to the studio.

We have more cardio equipment: Just added two Life Fitness treadmills, a Life Fitness elliptical, a Life Fitness recumbent bike, a Matrix ClimbMill (named "Eva"), and more Free Weights; WE ARE MORE COMPLETE AND COMPETITIVE.

The studio is full and we have rearranged a few things but never fear.... there is plenty of room to challenge yourself, go that extra mile, sweat, laugh, climb, lift heavy, and get healthy.

Spread the word - Karina Cross Fitness is growing. Invite your friends to "like" our page so we can continue to help more and more people be the healthiest they can be.

MUCHAS GRACIAS!! Love, Karina!


 Heart To Heart Challenge. ❤️

It's February - the month of love and heart health awareness. We have a fun challenge for you to do: Heart To Heart Challenge.❤️💪

Here’s what you need to do:

Find a workout partner. You must complete 14 reps of the first exercises. Then, partner 2 completes 14 reps of the same exercise! Complete all 5 movements and repeat for 14 minutes total time.

-Kettlebell / Dumbbells Swings -Push-up burpees -Lateral Bunny hops -Jumping Lunges -Spider Abs Plank

How many rounds can you and your partner complete in 14 minutes?

Post your videos and be sure to tag Karina Cross Fitness on Facebook between February 7 and February 14.

Grab your spouse, friend, child, sister, cousin, neighbor, brother, mom, dad, even your dog and give your heart a great workout.

Let's show each other how strong our hearts are! Remember there are followers all over the world and we'd love to see everyone participate.

Work with your whole heart!❤️😀

You can see the workout video this Friday, February 7th in Karina Cross Fitness Facebook Page. (real time)

Friday, 7th it's Foodie Friday at Karina Cross Fitness With Christin

What's for breakfast? And "Nothing" or "Just a cup of coffee" is not the right answer if you want to be healthy and lose weight. Breakfast is important. Treat breakfast like a meeting. Plan for it, schedule it, and don't be late for it. Your body is depending on it.

I have some ideas for you to help kick start your day with great fuel for your amazing body. Of course I'd love to hear some of your ideas, too. Please share

Check our Facebook Page on Feb 7th.

This is a great oatmeal alternative. Add your favorite fruits and nuts to make this pop with goodness!!

Switch things up and make a simple one pan spinach, salmon, and egg bake.


Loaded Avocado Toast!

Don't forget to check our Facebook page for the recipes. :)

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