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Are You Tapping Into Your Gifts?

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Yesterday morning, I was reading my devotional and at the end it asked, “What gift(s) has God given you? Are you using them?”

Simple question. Not an easy answer. Certainly deep reflection is needed.

My encouragement to you today is to reflect upon your gifts. We all have unique ones. It’s our responsibility to use them. To share them.

One of my greatest gifts is my energy and positivity. And I recognize that GIFT comes from Above.

But so many times, we fail to maximize our gifts. Or we get scared to use them. And we build up head-trash.

What if I said…

“I’m scared to have too much high energy because someone might not like it”

“What is someone going to think of me if I use the word “God” in an email?”

“What if I get very little response to this email?”

“What if I get overwhelming hate-mail to this email”

“What if… what if…what if…”


There is only ONE you. Be the best YOU possible. Don’t be afraid to share who YOU are. In your town. Community. Gym. Blog. Social media. Church. Career. Family. Or wherever you are.

Just be YOU and they will love YOU for who YOU are. And if they don’t, they are not supposed to be with YOU.

The last 2 sentences of my devotional state “If needed, return to God in prayer and ask Him for power and grace to be a good steward of his GIFT to you. Fan the flame!”

Whether you are person of faith or not, that is one of my gifts…so I share it with you today.

Do YOURSELF a favor and FAN THE FLAME. Be aware of YOUR gift(s) and go share it with the world. And don’t be afraid of being judged.

Much love,


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