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National Champion in Powerlifting. 60 Kilos weight class 1991-1996

National Champion in Powerlifting weight Class 67.5 kilos weight class 1997- 2003

The Strongest Woman of Ecuador 1993- 2003

Miss Bikini 1996 * Miss Perfection 1997 * Model of the Year 1999

Bench Press Championship. National Record 1996 – 2003

Deadlifting Championship. National Record 1992 – 2003

Professional model 1989 -2003

Best Athlete of the Year 1993-1996-1998.


Senior Fitness Instructor ASFA (American Sports and Fitness Association)

Master Weightlifting Instructor USSR-EDFPU Affiliate IPF (Russia)

Certified Personal trainer ACSM (American College of Sport Medicine)

Certified personal trainer GVT (Greenville Tech)

IHPU Functional Training Jr. Instructor (Institute of Human Performance)

Weight Training Instructor with major in Power Lifting Techniques RDFPF.

Powerlifting Instructor Falpo, Alpofi, Feficulp, fesupo affiliate IPF

Associates Degree in Marketing

TRX Instructor

CPR, AED and First Aid.



Functional Strength Training for the aging spine * High Intensity Interval Training * Adrenal Dysfunction * Weight Training During Pregnancy * Functional Training (Carlos Santana) * Innovative Boot Camp * Training the Overweight Client (Mike Boyle) * Metabolic Training ( Dave Jack) * Bigger, Faster, Stronger * Sport Nutrition * The HIIT Advantage for Women * Functional Training For Sports (Mike Boyle) * Athletic Body in Balance & Kettlebell Training

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